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Our single color boxes-of-20 were created due to popular demand from our loyal customers!

Single-Color Collection


The perfect size and burn time for decorating your next party.

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Magic In Every Flame

We like to say, "your colors, your craft". Choose a full box of the single-colors you need.

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Candle Carving

Carving our candles is easy. They are the perfect size and soft enough not to crack,

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Infographic, candle dimensions, 4 inches tall, .75 inches diameter.

The Perfect Size

  • 4 inches tall, 3/4 inch diameter.
  • Blend of paraffin & palm wax.
  • Up to 3 hour burn time.
  • Color is the same throughout.
  • Soft enough for carving.
  • Will drip with a little encouragement.
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